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Small G proteins: Structures, interactions and cellular regulation


Structure and regulation of small GTP-binding proteins

Head : Jacqueline Cherfils This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it CV


We have moved to the Laboratory of Biology and Applied Pharmacology at the

Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan

We have had a great time at LEBS!



Our aim is to understand how molecular reactions govern the functions of small GTPases of the Arf, Rab and Rho families in cellular traffic and cytoskeleton dynamics in normal cells and within pathological contexts. These proteins are ubiquitous molecular switches in eukaryotes and their regulation mechanisms are emerging as therapeutic targets, particularly in cancers. By using a combination of structural and cellular biochemistry methods, we observe these proteins at the atomic level, we analyze their interactions with other proteins and with membranes, we characterize their specificity and we decipher their regulation mechanisms. Our recent results describe the activation of small GTPases of the Arf family by exchange factors involved in cancers and infections, and their inhibition by small chemical inhibitors with therapeutic potential.




  • Recombinant proteins: cloning, mutagenesis, production in E. coli and insect cells, chromatography
  • Structural biology: crystallization, X-ray crystallography, small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), structural analysis
  • Biochemical methods for protein-protein and protein-membrane interactions
  • Enzymology, kinetics, characterization of inhibitors
  • Cell biology: mammalian cell cultures and transfections, immunofluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy




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